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Minecraft Periodic Table Youth Tee

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Good games do not need good graphics. The recent surge in Indie Video Games has taught us this, and there exists no finer example than the massively popular Minecraft. If your kids don’t already play it, they should, as it’s both entertaining and educational. If they are playing the game, help them show off their sense of style and display their inner nerd with this excellent shirt brought to us by Jinx.

The tee fully encapsulates the primal terror that surges through a player upon encountering the most loathed of all Minecraft enemies: the creeper. You spent three hours building a greenhouse for your reed farm? Oh, here, let me add a door for you. Kaboom goes the creeper and your kid gets a wonderful lesson in the old proverb: Don’t build your fragile, glass structure where a mean-spirited, suicidal creeper can get to it.

In addition to “Steve” – sporting a look of utter horror- proudly displayed on the shirt are everyone’s favorite pet, the pig, alongside probable dinner, the chicken. Duck. Bird. Thing. The shirts are designed for youths and a number of different sizes are available.

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