Minecraft-Themed Bedroom Ideas for your Child’s Room

If your kid is begging for a Minecraft-Themed bedroom then you’ve come to the right place. We have plenty of ideas to make it easy.

minecraft bedroom

If you’re like many parents, the appeal of Minecraft might be lost on you. Not only do the graphics look worse than the Nintendo and Atari games I played as a kid, but most of the action appears to consist of a digital pickaxe striking green and brown blocks. Occasionally, zombies or “creepers” pop up for the hero to battle, but these moments appear to be rare. Most of the time, the kids just keep picking away at the terrain, with no need for objectives or struggles. 

But if you ask your kids what they’ve been doing in front of the screen, they’ll show you.More than most video games, Minecraft is a palette for a child’s imagination. Unlike the Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog games we grew up playing, Minecraft isn’t designed around defeating enemies or hoarding coins. Instead, kids use Minecraft to simply build.

As its name suggests, Minecraft involves mining and crafting, digging up virtual minerals from the ground and changing them into objects. From those materials, they construct cities, gardens, castles, and so much more. 

So if your child wants to spend their nights dreaming about the worlds that they’ll create in the day, here are some tips for a Minecraft-themed bedroom. 

Beautiful Blocky Blankets 🛏️

To me, Minecraft‘s blocky figures remind me of video games I loved as a child, but have since grown out of. But to Minecraft‘s legions of little fans, the blocks are part of their charm, digital Legos that they can manipulate into bold buildings. While these bed sets are far softer than those cubes suggest, they do feature cubes kids love so much.

minecraft bedding

Isometric 4 Piece Twin Bed Set

At its core, Minecraft is a game of cubes, which the player smashes and recreates. This bed set displays the images of some of the most important blocks, including the standard terrain, exploding TNT boxes, and player character options. And if you like this, you can get a drape set to match!

creeper bedding

Creeper 4 Piece Twin Bed Set

While not the focus of the game, creepers can be a big part of the appeal. These blocky monsters approach the players and explode, undoing all the hard work the player has done digging and crafting their world. This bedspread puts the lovable little monsters front and center, giving Minecraft fans inspiration for the dreams of evading exploding baddies.

minecraft hero bedding

Bad Night Twin Quilt & Sham Set

Creepers might be the most prominent baddie in the game, but they’re not the only ones. This blanket gathers all of the game’s antagonists into one image: a creeper, a skeleton, an enderman, both a zombie and a zombie villager, and of course, a chicken. With all the monsters caught together, your kid can dream not only about the marvelous creations they’ll construct but also all the monsters they’ll evade.

Lights To Illuminate The Imagination 💡

torch light

Brownstone LED Torch Lamp

Most video games are empowering, as they let players stomp monsters and clobber musclemen. Minecraft does these things as well, giving children a vast landscape to play in and tools to transform it into something new. But Minecraft also instills in children a love of creativity, rewarding them for looking at the world in a new way. Toys like this torch lamp let kids bring the Minecraft world they love into their bedrooms, reminding them that their minds matter in the real world too.

creeper lamp

Creeper Table Light Figure

In the game, players do their best to avoid creepers, lest they get caught in the explosive blast. This glowing creeper lamp may replicate the monster’s explosive glow, but it gives kids a little more control over its flashes. With a flick of the switch, your children can cut short the creeper’s powers and go back to dreaming about the castles and cities they’ll construct.

potion light

Potion Bottle Color-Changing LED Lamp

Although players spend most of their time in Minecraft digging and building, brewing potions also plays an important part in the gameplay. With potions, players can get all sorts of effects, from regenerating health to seeing in the dark. This LED lamp lights your children’s mining plans, letting them change the color with a simple click.

glowstone lamp

Glowstone 14” LED Desk Light

Glowstones emit the most powerful lights in the world of Minecraft, illuminating its dark landscapes and serving as a crucial ingredient for crafting rare goods. This desk lamp may not be quite as valuable in our world, but it does remind kids of the light their creativity casts in our lives.

creeper nightlight

Creeper Nightlight

Many kids start using nightlights to dispel their fear of the dark, so it seems a little backward to give them a light shaped like a monster. But the existence of this product only speaks to the popularity of the character. For all of their exploding danger and menacing moans, creepers never rise above the level of nuisance, one that kids can easily defeat. This nightlight will remind them of those pixilated victories.

Daring and Delightful Decor 🌻

Kids love Minecraft for the freedom it gives them and the ingenuity it unleashes. More than just decorations, these items bring that freedom into children’s bedrooms. Here, they can rearrange their rooms to replicate the towns and landmarks they create in the game.

plush piggie

Plush Pig Pillow Buddy

Creepers might be the most popular creature to come out of Minecraft, but they’re hardly the only thing a player encounters while playing the game. Horses, llamas, bees, and other animals spawn in various places, but none are as lovable and huggable as the pig, as this toy proves.

foam pickaxe

Foam Pickaxe

For all the praise (rightly) heaped upon Minecraft for stimulating thought and encouraging play, it is still a video game, which means that it must be played on a screen. But with toys like this pickaxe, kids can bring their adventures off the tv and into their rooms. They may not be able to destroy the various boxes and blocks in their room (it is, after all, foam), they can see themselves mining jewels in their imagination, which is what Minecraft is all about.

minecraft chests

Pixel Treasure Chest Paperboard Boxes

One of the greatest pleasures in Minecraft comes when the player uncovers a buried treasure chest, filled with all sorts of items to continue their adventures. So you can imagine how thrilled your child will be to find these chests not miles under the ground but in the corners of their bedroom.

creeper rug

Creeper Face Area Rug

What better way to remind your kids that there’s nothing to fear in Minecraft‘s monsters than letting them step on the game’s greatest danger? This area rug will not only keep your child’s floor safe from the many substances that threaten to stain it. It will also give a little bit of color and adventure to their room.

flower pot decor

Hand-painted Flower Figurine

To a parent not overly familiar with Minecraft, this list might make the game sound a little rough and tumble. After all, I’ve only described the acts of digging, crafting, and scaring off monsters. But the game has a beautiful, more natural side, which rewards players with images of lovely wildlife. This flower figurine brings some of that beauty out from the game and into your child’s room.

Making Walls Wonderful 🖼️

Given how much time players spend tearing down and building up walls, it’s no surprise that kids would spend a lot of time thinking about the corners of their room. With these posters and signs, you can liven up those walls with reminders of their digital exploits.

minecraft drapes

Monster Hunters Drapes

When they aren’t building things, kids can go on adventures in Minecraft. Game modes allow the landscapes to be haunted by creepers, skeletons, and other monsters, all of which are represented in this cool drape set. But don’t worry that the images are so scary that kids won’t ever want to close their windows. The drapes feature pictures of swords, shields, and pic-axes, the tools they’ll need to defend their creations from the baddies.

minecraft signs

Foam-backed Signs

Minecraft is all about personalization. Just like their bedrooms, no kid’s game looks the same as another kid’s. That’s why these foam-backed signs, with your child’s name written in the game’s font, might be the perfect addition to a Minecraft room. With this, your kid can say “This room is mine!” and then show it off to their friends.

minecraft lightswitch

Lever Light Switch

Advanced Minecraft players flaunt their construction skills by making fancy gadget systems that they control with levers and redstone. While you probably don’t want them completely using that skill in the real world, this lever light switch indulges their engineering impulses, without asking them to rewire the electric work in their rooms!

minecraft cave decal

Caved in Poster Decal

With its upcoming “Caves and Cliffs” update, Minecraft expanded its world to give kids more spaces to explore. This poster decal not only captures the sense of excitement they experience in this expanded version of the game, but it also reminds kids about Minecraft‘s multiplayer mode, in which they can share their creations with their friends.

minecraft tapestry

Hanging Blanket Tapestry

So far, the items on this list have reflected on an aspect of Minecraft: the monsters, the blocks, the tools, etc. But such a vast and inspiring game cannot be reduced to a single thing. It exists to spur your child’s imagination and, as such, it really has no limits. That limitless feeling is best represented in this tapestry, which provides an overhead view of all the game’s many aspects exploding onto the landscape. Every time your child looks at it, they’ll get excited to return to the game and let their creativity run wild again.