Mini Polaroid Pillow

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Mini Polaroid Pillow

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The other day, I was teaching and I asked the kids to moonwalk. One tried. One succeeded (seriously, this kid looked pretty smooth). The rest of them suited up in their imaginary space suits and started walking in the pretend zero gravity atmosphere.

Seriously? Out of twenty kids, eighteen of them went Martian instead of Michael (not that I wanted to explain the talented, strange, disturbing conundrum that was Michael Jackson to a bunch of seven-year-olds).

This has happened to me before. I am now officially old enough to live on a different planet than everyone under the age of ten. I have since learned not to mention Beetlejuice, Popples, or mix tapes. But when I do slip up and say something about Punky Brewster, I’m reminded that I am old and that there are things that have grown old with me. Discman CD players, Fraggle Rock, and the Polaroid.

Oh the Polaroid… and its pictures that we didn’t have to shake, but shook anyway. It was the Instagram of our day and I miss it. Even if your kids think you’re crazy for waxing poetic about a camera that you can’t text or download apps on, you’re still allowed to reminisce.

mymimi! has brought us a 100% cotton, super cute way to do so. This 7”x7” smiling throw pillow is a cheerful reminder of our beloved Polaroid memories, and hopefully will be a bit more relevant to your kids when the new Polaroid shops open up. I’m getting one for my little ones purely so they can listen to me go on about my youth, since apparently wearing ponytails on the side of your head is no longer a thing either — which is too bad because I can really rock a side ponytail.

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