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Minimalist Adventure Time Poster

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Adventure Time is one of those special cartoons that both kids and adults can enjoy. From slaying evil beasts to saving princesses from the sociopathic Ice King, Finn and Jake manage to make us laugh with their totally righteous adventures. The two heroes bring some company along in this minimalist poster designed by Society 6 artist Jeremy Wojchihosky. You’ve got Peebs, Marceline, Ice King, BMO, practically all of Candy Kingdom is in this poster. It even features my personal favorite, Peppermint Butler. He’s a seedy little peppermint who happens to be good buds with Death, but like the other Candy citizens, completely adorable. I mean come on! His butler outfit even has cute little coattails! How could you not let these wonderfully illustrated characters into your home?

Your kids will love this poster hanging in their bedroom or playroom. They can gaze at their heroes while having their own righteous adventures in a make-believe kingdom. Like all Society 6 prints, the image comes in 5 sizes. I know what you’re thinking: buy the mini size for you kid’s room and the X-large for the living room, because having a giant Adventure Time poster would be totally math.

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