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Minnetonka Moccasins Girls Boot

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When I tell people I’m a native Minnesotan, they usually ask about the Mall of America or what it was like to go to school in sub zero Siberia.

While we are proud of giving the world Bob Dylan and Prince, we’re not all loons, lakes and Minnesota nice. We do not cross-country ski to work nor do we all play hockey. I do not talk funny. At least I don’t think I talk funny. (I’ve been told otherwise.)

Minnesota is generally a pretty far cry from the Fargo film version. We have a thriving hip-hop scene, great theatre, and we are a mecca of fashion.

Okay, I don’t think they’re planning on moving New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to Brainerd, MN anytime soon but we have Minnetonka

Moccasins and I’ll happily wear these:



over whatever this is:


The iconic American heritage brand is still family owned and based out of my beloved home.

See? It’s not all loons and lakes. Well, it is but it’s also really comfy, cute footwear for you and the little ones. The 3-Layer Fringe Boot with three layers of fringe, a stitched design on the moc-toe, and a studded braid at the top, keep feet cozy and fashion week-worthy no matter where you live. The boot includes a zipper closure, making these puppies easy to kick off when your little girl wants to curl up with a good book on the couch and to slip back on when she’s ready to play again. They feature a rubber sole so she can run without fear of slipping and they come in four cute colors.

And guys, maybe we could give the jokes about how I say my o’s a little bit of a rest? While the Coen brothers are Minnesota born and bred, Fargo is in North Dakota. I think it’s high time we all slip into a pair of moccasins, turn on some Garrison Keillor and start coming up with some Boise-bound banter.


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