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Misfits Onesie

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Despite Danzig’s inability to take a punch being recently broadcast all over YouTube, he’ll forever remain one of the greatest frontmen in punk history (along with Johnny Rotten, of course). Sadly, just like Morrissey of the Smiths, Danzig refused to reunite The Misfits after their 1983 breakup, similarly denying us of the music that permeated our youth with a brooding sense of individualism and unabashed teenage rebellion.

Since 1995, Misfits bassist Jerry Only has recruited others from essential punk bands like Black Flag and The Ramones to carry on the Misfits torch, but we still long for the moment when Danzig and Only finally decide to swap corpse paint kisses and make the heck up already. As the elder generation of punks, we want this to happen for the greater musical good, but as parents, we just want more than anything to show our kids what good music really is. Isn’t it our duty to deter them from the evils of Top 40 radio at all cost?

So what better way to show the world how much cooler your kid is in comparison to the other cherubs in the sandbox than proudly donning them in Misfits attire? There really isn’t anything that tops that. Well, maybe if they got a (temporary) “I love anarchy AND horror punk” tattoo, then that would be the kicker. But no, it doesn’t have to go to that extreme; this comfy, 100% cotton Misfits Fiend Club Ringer onesie is really all you need. Available in sizes 0-12 months, your child’s love for horror punk will shine through, allowing their awesome taste in music to overshadow the other Raffi-loving infants who will all grow up believing that Dave Matthews is actually a good “musician”.

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