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Misfits Skull T-Shirt

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While I was living in Seattle, I saw an advertisement in a free alt-weekly about an upcoming Misfits show at Studio Seven (in the industrial district of The Emerald City) featuring the original members plus Black Flag drummer Dez Cadena, but without the main man himself, Mr. Glenn I-never-wear-anything-except-black-mesh-t-shirts Danzig (which was no surprise). At first I was reluctant, but I thought I’d never get this chance again so I commenced forth and purchased away.

Little did I realize the amount of bratty, under-18-year-olds that would infest this tiny music venue. I mean, it was cool, but they were annoying — like anyone their age, including myself — and their levels of annoying increased by the minute. By the end of the night, after Jerry Only flew his way through the setlist, I knocked some people sideways to get to the stage so Jerry could sign my Misfits shirt. And he did. Unfortunately, he also christened me with sweat from his thumb and I almost threw up.

But whatever to that last part, because the fact is, when giving the Misfits Skull Toddler T-Shirt to the one you love, who just so happens to be discovering the awsomeness of the Misfits while only in diapers, you shouldn’t be worried that Jerry Only will do this to your child. I think I just looked like a human towel to him at the time, and indeed, your baber doesn’t look like this at all.

Specifically designed for toddlers, this declaration of how amazing horror-punk was can be the next (or first) band tee in an ever-growing collection of black ensembles that are safe from Jerry’s sweaty thumbs.

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