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Mjolnir, the Lightning Hammer of Thor

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Some children are born to carry light sabers. Some are born to wield wands. Some are naturally gifted with superpowers like flight and invisibility. And once in a long while… When the cold Norse winds pick up, and Fenrir can be heard howling in the deepest dark of the night, one comes who is born to wield Mjolnir, the legendary hammer of Thor, Asgard’s mightiest warrior.

This mighty mock weapon is modeled after the hammer carried by Thor in the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. It makes great thundering noise, and it flashes lights to mimic lightning, giving your minihero mastery over thunder and lightning, just like the Norse god.

Reviews make a point of saying that the hammer itself is pretty safe, soft enough so that you (and your minihero’s Frost Giant siblings) won’t take any serious damage from any whacks you may sustain during a particularly epic battle, but the hammer also includes a launching missile so your minihero can keep Loki at bay.

Of course, if you’re not a big fan of giving your minihero the ability to also keep YOU at bay with that launching missile, feel free to withhold that particular ability from this otherwise safe legendary weapon. Not even Odin himself would blame you for that one. Even he had to take Thor’s toys away sometimes, remember?

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