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Moleskine LEGO Pocket Ruled Notebook

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Remember when Virginia Woolf wrote an essay about a woman needing money and a room of her own if she was to write fiction? Well, we’d like to think that she thought the same about children, but in today’s world of creative geniuses, they only need one thing to write (almost) bestselling fiction and to be presented with a future Reuben Award for best doodling: the Moleskine LEGO Pocket Ruled Notebook.

Straight from Moleskine, the company that boasts a wealth of historic customers (van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway to name just a few), combined with the genius of LEGO and their miniature yellow men, this is one notebook not to be sneezed at! Seriously, don’t sneeze at the notebook.

Kids of all ages will love expressing themselves (and you’ll love snooping on their thoughts) in this 192-page notebook, complete with “themed adhesive labels”—or stickers, as most people call them.

Just like regular Moleskines, it has a sewn binding and the paper is acid-free; it also has an elastic closure, a ribbon placeholder (bookmarks are sooo yesterday), plus an expandable inner pocket at the back for hiding those love notes from class. If this doesn’t get the kids to be creative in their thinking, we’re fairly sure your child’s a robot.

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