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Moncler Kids Jacket

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How many times has your child turned to you in disgust when as you zipped up his Timberland or NorthFace jacket? He knows there are finer things life — like truffles and imported serrano ham — and he knows you’ve not put in the time or effort to find them for him. So get with it. Check out this Moncler Jacket, which has a bit of an 80s retro, racing jacket vibe, but of course, doesn’t feature an 80s retro price.

Moncler appears to be a company tailor-made for the mini-hipster set. For one thing, if you want to find out anything about this company, you’ll have to sit through an artfully designed animated slideshow, which recounts the story of a mountain climber/duck (the Monduck) who, while scaling the Himalayas and Makalu, realizes he needs a really expensive, well-designed French coat. That’s only Episode 1 of the company’s history. The next five episodes are still in production. So it only stands to reason that Moncler would put the same painstaking (or perhaps indulgent) efforts into creating their amazing products. This white zip-up “sports” jacket features red and navy stripes down the sleeves, and a high collar to protect from windy fall days. Legend has it that once you’ve experienced these luxury jackets, you never go back. Get your wallet ready!

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