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Monkey Light 8-Bit Bike Wheel Light

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Diwali isn’t the only time to get festive with lights. If you’ve got a BMX boy or a speedin’ sista’ in the house, you know they want to win first prize in bicycle cool contest (not a real competition, that we know of…)—and they can do just that by decking their bikes out with the Monkey Light 8-Bit Bike Wheel Light. We know, we know—where was this when you were younger? Well, don’t hold your kids back just because you didn’t jot this flashy masterpiece down on your Christmas wish list.

This wheel light simply straps to the bike’s wheel and keeps it balanced by a hub mount (for the battery pack). There’s 10 full color super-bright LED lights, with 20 themes and colors to choose from for the ultimate neighborhood light show (forget July 4th!). The kids will get up to 40 hours of runtime with the light and be able to cycle all throughout the year because this nifty light is waterproof, too.

It comes with the MonkeyLectric Hub mounted battery holder, stainless steel antitheft straps (so neighborhood rascals can’t get their grubby hands on this), cable ties for mounting, rubber spacers, stickers, and a 20 language instruction sheet that can also be handy for learning a foreign language and impressing houseguests. If none of that impresses you, we’re very disappointed. To make it up to us, you’ll have to take a look at the Monkey Light 8-Bit Bike Wheel Light in action for yourself. We’re pretty sure it’s gonna win you over. If that still doesn’t make you jump for joy, then you may need to go see the fun doctor.

Fits bicycle wheels 20” and larger.

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