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Monkey Math Game

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Can a monkey ever have too many bananas? A fun and interesting twist on the typical number balance formula, Monkey Math from Popular Playthings puts the addition into the hands of an adorably cute monkey, who sometimes has a bit of trouble holding onto the weight of all these bananas. He needs help from your child to make things right. This monkey was made for teaching young children how to do proper addition; put a number of the banana tokens in each of the monkey’s hands, and see if the sum of the numbers add up with each other!

Basically, the monkey is a scale, and each of the numbered banana tokens are weighted according to their numbers. A simple feature is added to the scale to show when the numbers don’t add up; the money’s eyes become crooked, signifying that one isn’t quite right. When the eyes become straight again (who knows what he could have been doing to make them crossed), then the amounts of the bananas add up correctly!

Popular Playthings Monkey Math comes with the quirky monkey scale, a full set of colorful, numbered banana tokens, and an instruction booklet.

Monkeys have always been an integral part of learning math:

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