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Monopoly Star Trek Continuum Edition

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Start saving your credits now to buy a piece of science fiction legend in Monopoly Star Trek Continuum Edition, the Star Trek-themed take on the classic game of cut-throat capitalism! This variation on the beloved board game allows you to compete against your friends for ownership of memorable and historic locations within the Alpha Quadrant and beyond. The friendship-ending stakes are even higher in this version of the game as you vie for control of iconic locations that span the many incarnations of the Star Trek franchise. So be prepared to set your phasers to kill as you traverse the game board at warp speed to build your monopolistic control over the fictional setting.

Fans of the original Monopoly board game will be familiar with this science fiction makeover, where hotels become fleets, chance cards become sensor readings, and your economic dominance is extended from the measly confines of Earth into the farthest reaches of the galaxy. This game also replaces the familiar playing pieces with six collectible pewter tokens taken from popular imagery of the Star Trek television shows and movies.

Designed for players aged 8 and up, this game will make a great centerpiece for any Trekkie family’s game night, and a great focus for scholarly family discussions on the finer points of the science fiction megalith that is Star Trek.

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