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Monster High Accessory Case

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If a vampire has no reflection, will her clothes and makeup still appear in the mirror? The answer, according to Monster High, is yes. The great monsters of history have been re-imagined as teenagers who have to deal with the chaos and intrigue of high school. They worry about appearances, which is especially trying for Draculaura, who, as a vampire, has no reflection.

Whether or not your child plays with the Monster High dolls, they will appreciate this accessory case, which contains goth/monster-themed toy accessories/vehicles. The little ghouls who do love those monster chicks should be happy to get Draculaura’s powder room, the focal point of her home. (Having a pox outbreak before the big party? Simply make it polka dot themed!) The case also includes a black and pink bath tub, which has bat wings on the side and those antique lion paws in lieu of legs. I once rented an apartment because its bathtub had lion feet; no bathtub is complete without lion feet, toy or otherwise.

The set also includes a red scooter with rockabilly-style cherries on the side (for Ghoulia, the brainy zombie of the bunch, because lurching to school would not be an efficient use of time). Fear not safety conscious parents! The scooter comes with goggles, a helmet for Ghoulia and one for her pet owl.

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