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Monster Hug Wall Decal

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Monsters have been the bane of many childhoods. They lurk in the most insidious places — inside closets, behind bookcases, underneath beds! Parents have employed numerous tactics to fight these monsters, even so far as to google the subject and read books about them.

But maybe, just maybe, we’ve been going about this all wrong. If we can’t exterminate them, we should just join them! With kid-friendly products like the film Monsters, Inc. and monster-shaped stuffed animals and toys, this may just be the era of monster love.

Help your child get over their fears and learn to embrace the monster with this adorable wall decal. This décor is from Chispum, a website full of kid products and based in Spain. It comes in five sizes, from 28x31cm to 220×280 cm. The charming decal depicts a grinning green monster receiving a hug from an equally happy little girl, and the words “monster hug” written in bold cursive. Tell your kids that monsters aren’t anything to worry about, and point to this wall art as proof. All that monsters want, the only reason they’ve been lurking our bedrooms, is so they can get a giant hug! Who wouldn’t want a monster as a friend?

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