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Monster Math Book

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One tried and true method of teaching kids to do math or problem solving of some kind, is to add a dimension to it that they already enjoy. Monsters are traditionally some of the most fun creatures to add into anything, and no two monsters are ever alike. Your kids can take away some great math principles from Monster Math, written by Anne Miranda.

Beginning with a single monster on a relatively blank page, Monster Math adds additional creatures as the story progresses. Each are guests at the initial monster’s birthday party, where the amount of attendees eventually totals fifty. Each page brings more monsters into the fray, along with basic addition equations structured around a simple rhyming story. For example, if ten monsters are running a sack race on one page, and ten more monsters join in later, the text of the book adapts to this, and keeps track of all current twenty monsters.

Monster Math is a great way to teach your kids about addition, while also telling them the cute story about a monster’s birthday bash. The great thing about this book, is that it can also be read in reverse to teach subtraction. How cool is that?

Here’s a classic.

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