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Moshi Monsters Monster House

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Have you ever wanted to adopt a pet monster? Moshi Monsters is an online-based web browser game, featuring fully-customizable monsters for kids to play and interact with. Nerdlings adopt their own pet monster, give it a unique name and colors, then design its house, and play puzzle games online to earn points. All the while, they use these points to redecorate the house, buy new items, and interact with their friends. It’s a wildly successful game that has branched out into additional merchandise, one of which is the Moshi Monsters Monster House by Mega Bloks.

This set features the flagship monster of the game, Poppet, as well as a colorful and exciting house to put your monster in. There are also many items included to help decorate, similar to the online game, as well as customizable pieces to add a personal touch to the home.

Your kid can enjoy themselves playing with Poppet, but ideally Moshi Monsters is designed to grab a friend, find more monsters and more building playsets, and interact with those as well, just like the online game. Adopting a new monster pet is made easy, with Mega Bloks Monster House.

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