Anatomy Apron From Artec

I learned about anatomy basics the same way everyone in my generation learned about it: archaic textbooks, unmotivated teachers, and sleep-inducing lesson plans. Boring! Most know that some of the key factors to teaching a child something new in a way that gets them genuinely excited is by using association and interactivity. Many topics can […]

Monster High Operetta Doll

In a world filled with plain, WASP-y Barbies (not to be confused with the metal band W.A.S.P.–those toys would be awesome), alternative moms and dads have a rough time satisfying their little one’s desire for girly doll playtime. Now, rockabilly parents can rejoice! Monster High is a line of dolls and accessories with appearances, origin […]

Swimmable Mermaid Tails

Of all the mythical creatures that have accumulated in our cultural memory, perhaps the most emulated by imaginative humans is the mermaid; or merman, if that’s more your style. Because, seriously, who wouldn’t want the freedom to move through water with the ease and grace of their favorite aquatic mammal? With the custom, handmade Swimmable […]

Moulin Roty Baking Set

Give your child a cookie and she’ll eat for a day; give your child a Moulin Roty Baking Set and your entire family will eat goodies for a lifetime. These days, cooking is as popular a pastime with kids as baseball or gymnastics. It comes as no surprise that Moulin Roty (a French company founded […]

Level 1 Human Baby Onesie

How many times do you come across an NPC that is an infant while playing Dungeon and Dragons? Babies in traditional pencil-and-paper rpgs are normally eaten by trolls or kidnapped by goblin kings that masquerade as David Bowie. Just because your kid would rather slobber on dice than roll them doesn’t mean they should be […]