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Motley Crue Kids Tee

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The 80’s was an interesting and confusing era in musical history. There were so many genres, saxophones, and Aqua-Net hair dos, that it quickly became a melting pot of random music groups that somehow managed to awkwardly coexist. There was hardcore punk for the punks, Madonna for the teens, Genesis for god-only-knows-who, and Run D.M.C. for the b-boys; they all flourished famously without ringing each other’s necks or hiring hit men.

How did the complete imbalance of music in the 80’s not break the yin and the yang of the musical universe? Two words: hair metal. A genre so ridiculous, gaudy, and over-the-top that its tsunami bomb of an entrance into popular music became the prime example of something that made everything else seem like genius pieces of avant garde artistry.

The cheesey brilliance that thrived between the lyrical lines of misogynistic affluence in 80’s hair metal was hard not to pump your first to, or flash your body parts towards. It guaranteed that you’d rock out with your c***k out, and that every experience would deliver a punch to your liver. It was music that didn’t require much thought or interpretation, but was intended as a means of escapism from the crap of everyday life into the world of bands like Motley Crue.

As the kings of the LA strip, the motley crew of Motley Crue were the end-all-be-all of the 80s. Dudes wanted to be ‘em, ladies wanted to touch ‘em, and kids wanted to forget everything they were ever taught and become a drummer like Tommy Lee. The Motley Crue Kids Tee is your best bet as a glam metal parent to ensure the next generation keep the torch well lit, and always well hair-sprayed. With the depiction of the Crue’s cover art from their 1989 album, Dr. Feelgood, on the front, this t-shirt was designed for kids who can party hearty till 6 in the PM, and who don’t mind hair teasing or spandex. Did I mention the 80’s were a weird time? Yeah. It totally was.

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