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Motorhead England Charcoal T-Shirt

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Whiskey was never meant for the casual drinker. It was meant for professional drinkers who like to get drunk fast who never get sick or appear intoxicated. This is not an easy thing to do. It’s like a gene that you’re either born with or you aren’t. Case in point: Lemmy Kilmister. A man who downs two pints of generic whiskey, plays an hour-long set of Motorhead tunes, and drinks another two after he’s done. A man considered the greatest heavy metal musician of all time.

Since 1975, Ian Fraser Kilmister, and his band of sidekicks have kept the spirit of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal from succumbing to an alcoholic overdose. With 20 studio albums, seven live albums, five EP’s, and five compilations, the dudes of Motorhead still rock as hard as they did 30 years ago. Their genius is further legitimized by the fact that modern heavy metal bands can’t even keep it together after one year (mostly because they can’t write good songs or play instruments well).

If you’re a fan of Motorhead and have children who love metal from across the pond, then this t-shirt featuring the cover from their 1977 self-titled album is a great way to fuel the little one’s rock ‘n’ roll fantasies. Featuring a distressed picture of the band’s fanged-face logo, the oversized chains, spikes, and boar horns on this tee is for kiddies ages 0-12-years; the slim fitting, 100% cotton material will keep milk bellies from poking out granted you don’t accidentally dry it on high.

But better a milk belly than a beer or whiskey belly, right? Right.

Here’s a great Motorhead video. Watch it. Love it.

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