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Moulin Roty Baking Set

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Give your child a cookie and she’ll eat for a day; give your child a Moulin Roty Baking Set and your entire family will eat goodies for a lifetime.

These days, cooking is as popular a pastime with kids as baseball or gymnastics. It comes as no surprise that Moulin Roty (a French company founded in 1972, and known for its impeccable toy designs that incorporate sturdy wood and quality fabrics) is responsible for adding a bit of vintage chic to its child-friendly baking set.

The set — which consists of a whisk, cookie cutters, mini rolling pin, spatula, an adorable red-checkered apron, and a small book that your child can use to record his or her favorite recipes — is perfect for curious cooks ages 3 to 8 years old. As an added bonus, the set comes packaged in a small vintage suitcase that your little baker can easily tote around town (aka grandma’s house).

Unlike the uneasy feelings that may arise when you’re in the presence of certain squeezable, demonic, talking plush dolls that shall remain nameless, you may find you are unwilling to tear yourself away from your child’s Moulin Roty Baking Set. If this should happen, grab your own apron and the opportunity to bond over sugar. And, of course, accept your fate as Sous Chef in your child’s kitchen.


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