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Moulin Roty The Gardener’s Case

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So the thumb of your little one has turned green (don’t be alarmed), and your love of all things vintage has rubbed off on them, too. Know what that small fry needs? A vintage-style gardening set, that’s what. Oh and look, Moulin Roty is just the company that offers this.

Producing “former toys for present-day children” (slightly weird but catchy slogan), Moulin Roty has a unique story. Founded in the 70s by a group of 20 or so French friends who wanted to live in a commune and create crafts (ah yes, those were the days), this company has now reached (almost) every corner of the globe, leaving a “nostalgic perfume to adults” with their cute and oh-so quirky line of toys.

So that’s a mini history of the company, but what about the actual product? Ok, ok, hold onto your horses. Presented in a lime green vintage suitcase, The Gardener’s Set is where it’s at, giving your earth-loving, worm-worshipping tot the chance to get those hands dirty.

The 7-piece kit comes with everything they’ll need to get started in the garden, including a handy spade and rake, plus a packet of radish, tomato and carrot seeds (one way to get them to eat their veggies), and 3 ready-to-grow terracotta flower pots with soil pods. Oh and don’t forget about the nifty little watering can that’s included too.

Kid’s gotta have it? Duh, those delicious homegrown vegetables aren’t gonna magically appear in the soil and grow themselves now, are they?

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