Mousegard Role Playing Game

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Mouse Guard RPG

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Based on the popular graphic novel by David Petersen, the Mouse Guard RPG is the perfect tabletop complement for any young fan of the series. If your kids enjoyed the graphic novels, and you want to introduce a RPG system using some of their favorite characters, then this makes a fine choice.

The game itself uses a modified version of the “Burning Wheel” system, and uses dice pools to decide if any particular objective ends in success or failure. Each of these objectives make up a given adventure, and they are printed on full-color cardstock that matches the look and feel of the comics beautifully. There are also conflicts, which are scripted encounters that involve player characters, to add depth to each adventure your family embarks on. A particular session sees your crew as part of the caravan Mouse Guard (sans the GM), which might involve escorting a VIP, or defending an important area from attackers. Each of these scenarios makes for great fun, made better if your kids have already immersed themselves in the setting beforehand.

This game set is expertly crafted, and contains all the comic-book feel that any young fan of the series will appreciate. Mouse Guard is an excellent tabletop game, well worth checking out.

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