Mouseboy & Stuff Print for Music-Loving Gamers


Have you ever wanted to capture the full history of the evolution of Nintendo in one glorious image? Are you or your kids obsessed with electronic music and mice? Then seek no further, for Doom CMYK has just what you’re looking for.

This print features the complete lineup of Nintendo’s gaming systems, from the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the Wii U (conspicuously absent is the much maligned Virtual Boy). Each is modified to resemble audio equipment like samplers, mixers and turntables. Lording over the entire menagerie is a mouse-eared Game Boy (an homage to deadmau5?) working furiously with his four spaghetti arms to manipulate the instruments before him. He’s assisted by his descendants, the Game Boy Advanced and the Game Boy 3DS, who triumphantly raise a pair of Wii U tablets while Mount Fuji rises majestically in the background.

What does it all mean? Who cares! This print is a celebration of the exuberant march of progress that has molded the childhoods of so many gamers. In a way, this poster is the perfect decoration for any gaming household. It captures the long-lasting influence of Nintendo’s game systems, almost like a soundtrack to the childhoods of anyone who grew up in the 1980s. At the same time, it provides a handy visual reference for your young gamers, giving them a sense of their place in gaming history.

The best part is that if your household can’t decide which nerd niche is best, you no longer need to choose between music, tech and gaming. Teach your kids that diversifying and mashing up their interests is cool, especially if they’re all integrated into a retro graphic. And, as always, bonus nerd points are awarded to anything involving a moustache and monocle.


The Mouseboy n Stuff print can be purchased on Etsy

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