Moustaches: A Trend for Hipster Babies?


Moustaches are all the pop-culture rage nowadays.

Why? Not a clue!

Some say it’s to mock those hipsters who sport a ‘stache just to look, well, hip. Others blame The Simpsons.

Regardless of where it came from, I think we can agree that this trend, although somewhat silly and weird, is pretty hilarious. Moustach mugs, jewelry, T-shirts, novelty items – the ‘stache is everywhere you turn!


Heck, there are even moustache-themed weddings and people go as far as tattooing a moustache on their finger or *shudder* under their upper lip. If you’re one of those, well props to you for being so utterly brave. Want to know another fun fact? There’s a national AND international holiday dedicated to the fake mouth brow? (February 24 and 3, respectively, in case you were wondering)


If you’re into this current fashion phenomenon, kudos! If you’re not, well don’t worry, we don’t judge. For fans of the faux face caterpillar, I bet you’re wondering how you can get your little one into this ongoing pop trend. Have no fear. Here are a few products that’ll have your kids looking more hip than the hipsters who started this whole thing. Take that nerd posers!

Start with this moustache onesie, which will have your little one hanging at the local coffee shop discussing Sartre in no time.


Here’s the cleverly named moostache romper.


It’s perfect for your little nerdbomber. You know what makes this romper even better? It’s made with organic cotton. So not only is your kid making a fashion statement, but you’re also reducing their carbon footprint. Double score!

Now this is hilarious. A moustache pacifier.


It’s the icing on the moustache cake. You can have your baby rock a lip blanket at the tender age of 4 months, getting chuckles from other parents (and grimaces from sensitive hipsters) as they see this awesome pacifier.

How about a moustache pencil topper? Look no further than …


Yes. You read that correctly. A moustache pencil topper will surely make your child insta-popular at school and he OR she will look so dapper. Fair warning: Your kid’s confidence will skyrocket and may cause some not so good behavior. I mean, come on, I would be so tempted to joke around with my teacher if I had a moustache pencil topper during my school days. You know you’d do the same.

Finally, there’s this Moustache Cookie Cutter Set


Make baking more exciting — with three different styles, so you can try on one of each as soon as they’re done cooling. Heck, you can use these to make unique cookies for a birthday party or even when you’re hosting a small gathering of friends at your house (because your friends are all nerdy like you, right?). Whatever the occasion, these moustache cookie cutters will make your baked goods very hip.

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