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Mr. Monsta Hand Puppet

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Puppets are great toys for kids with gigantic imaginations. If that puppet happens to be a dragon/monster with wings who’s eating a car, then your child is guaranteed to embark on a fantastic adventure. Mr. Monsta comes complete with bobble eyes, wings, and three giant teeth. was nice enough to send us one from the Manhattan Toy company, and we’re happy to report that we’ve been playing with it for the last few weeks.

Puppets seem to be coming back into style these days. Maybe it is a backlash from too much CGI in film and TV. Or it could be that there are many of us who are feeling nostalgic for Jim Henson’s wonderful creations. Either way, you should encourage your nerdling to create their own dialogue and act out scenes using puppets, or even action figures. Personally, we imagine Mr. Monsta as a cross between Godzilla and that goofy gremlin from Gremlins 2. Sure, he might eat your car, but with those cute crazy bubbly eyes who’s going to yell at him?

Inciting your kid to use their imagination leads to many positive results; that is, afterall, how the great Henson got his start. (Make sure you check out the other puppets from Psychobaby, they all look pretty fun.)

Meanwhile, I remember seeing this short horror film when I was a kid and I don’t think I ever recovered. Enjoy.

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