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Mr. Robot Stuffed Pillow

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Robots do so many things for us these days. They build our cars. They vacuum our floors. They explore our solar system. They seize control of our nuclear arsenals and crush all human resistance. But what about the softer side of our autonomous helpers? Learn what it means to bring a robot into your life with LIVING’s Mr. Robot Pillow.

Mr. Robot combines the cold, calculated charm of an automaton with the warm, snugly softness of your treasured childhood teddy bear. Mr. Robot won’t be doing much computing with his outer shell of soft, organic cotton and internal components made of down feathers, but that doesn’t mean he can’t manufacture a place in your child’s heart. He’ll make the perfect nap-time buddy for your burgeoning scientist, and is sure to inspire dreams of perfect harmony between man and machine.

Mr. Robot comes in both large and small models, each with a different printed design, but both exuding friendly robot smiles designed to quickly trigger your human emotion circuits and generate feelings of trust and affection. So, embrace the inevitable and ensure your children are on good terms with our future robot overlords by getting them their own Mr. Robot Pillow today.

Check out this early 60’s commercial for a remote control robot. He’s your own personal army.

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