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Munchin Mozart Magic Cube

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When a baby makes a racket the sounds can be pretty overbearing, but when a baby’s ruckus includes creating symphonies with the music of Mozart then your eardrums can relax and say, “ahhhhhh.”

With over five instrument sounds including french horn, violin, piano, harp, and flute, The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube (a winner of the Dr. Toy and Parents’ Choice award) is a music toy above all other music toys, with a high-and-mighty attitude that’s kind of understandable. I mean, if you were a toy that held eight Mozart compositions inside of it and taught children the magic of instrumentation, wouldn’t you be a little snobby as well? Heck ya, you would! If you were a toy that allowed kids to add as many instruments and leave out as many instruments as they wanted without missing a beat, you would probably feel like you rise above in coolness. Again, you’d kinda be right.

Lights flash to the tune of famous, classical symphonies and the cube’s rounded corners are soft and gentle on little hands and won’t result in a trip to the ER. When getting down to business and composing songs, the more comfortable you are, the better. (I think Moz(art) said that, but don’t quote me).

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