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Munchkin Zombies

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Everyone knows that most zombie-themed games involve survival. You must ration food, water, and ammo. You must find a safe haven, allies, and medical supplies. You must decide who is untrustworthy, allot guard shifts, and plan out supply runs. Should the inevitable happen and someone returns to camp with a bite, the group must be brave and strong enough to do the deed: either excommunicating the bitten, or pulling the trigger. The whole survival thing seems like a drag, in short. This fun little apocalyptic card game turns the idea of a zombie infestation on its head and the player gets to be the zombie. You venture forth bravely into the traps of conniving humans, arming yourself with anything you happen to stumble across in your quest for delicious brains.

Even if your offspring isn’t already familiar with Steve Jackson/Munchkin games, Zombies is fairly easy to pick up after a few turns and they will probably appreciate the zombie humor more than the D&D puns in standard Munchkin. As with the other games in the series, the more players, the better. It’s not especially short once you get going; the typical match lasts about an hour and a half, but the theme is fun enough that even ADD ridden preteens will still enjoy it. Suggested age for play is 10+ largely because it might seem a touch confusing to younger kids, but once they’re old enough and certain synapses have made vital connections, the game becomes simple to grasp.

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