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Mushroom Kingdom Map

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Presenting the Super Mario Bros Map of the Mushroom Kingdom (representing Super Mario Bros 1 & 3, Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Kart)!

The first stop of our tour brings us to the center. Here you’ll see a large ringed island, showcasing all eight worlds of one of the most beloved games of our time, Super Mario Bros 3. From the parched deserts and Angry Sun of World 2, to the piranha-infested pipe maze of World 7, all the stages of the game are highly detailed on this map, just as you remember them. World 8 even gets its own massive volcano!

If you look to your left, you’ll find beautiful Yoshi’s Island. A step back in time to when Mario was a baby; Yoshi’s Island featured brand new mechanics, larger-than-life monsters, fun mini-games, and a desperate need to catch baby Mario whenever he fell out of Yoshi’s saddle. Sometimes I wished the stork would come to take baby Mario back, if only to stop the crying!

On your right, lies The Star Realm and Dinosaur Island, home to some of the best gameplay on the SNES. The Star Realm from Super Mario RPG was taken over by Smithy, a conniving villain from deep underground who was ultimately thwarted by Mario and the living doll, Geno, after collecting the Seven Stars. Dinosaur Island was the first time Mario met his trusty pal, Yoshi, and Super Mario World remains one of the most fun games in the series, even today.

This sprawling, colorful 24×36 inch map is printed on premium matte stock, and bordered with portraits of all the enemies featured in the NES/SNES era Mario games. If you look closely around the map, you can see tracks from Super Mario Kart hidden among each of the game worlds. Display this map on your lil’ gamer’s wall like a gateway to a better time; one that your kids can enjoy as much as you did, if you know where to look.

Pro-tip: Do not let your kids eat random mushrooms. Bad things will most likely happen. We’re not talking about Willy Wonka or Alice and Wonderland here.

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