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Music is Everything Long Sleeve Top for Girls

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Don’t let anyone tell your child that the Hokey Pokey IS what it is all about. This vintage-style long-sleeve shirt for girls tells your little music lover everything she needs to know about life: Music is everything! And when she wears this out and about to school, play dates, and the grocery store, everyone else will be informed as well (in hand-done vintage graphic letters, no less).

So maybe your little walker and talker is not quite smitten with Fugazi, Joy Division, or Band of Horses just yet. Maybe the best she can muster right now is an undying love for Caspar Babypants. Hey, that’s cool too. Just so she understands that the music she listens to defines her. Learning this now will make the transition to Jr. High much simpler. Already in Jr. High? Great; this top come in teen sizes too!

It’s a good thing that this shirt is constructed of high quality 100% cotton with ladder stitching, because when it becomes one of her most treasured tees, it might stand a chance of not turning into one of those hole-ridden numbers that saw one too many years of wear. Your daughter will thank you and thank you for this one. The only downside to this shirt is that you can’t get a matching one for yourself… though you can come close.

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