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My Dad the Rockstar: Dad’s Debut

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When it comes to rock stars, no one else has the braggadocious qualities that make you want to hurl quite like Gene Simmons. Is the whole thing an act, or a ploy to make us hate him even more than we already do? Who would do such a thing just for attention’s sake? (Pauses, not that long before the light bulb turns on.) Ummmm, yeah, I guess he would.

In 2003, the KISS guitarist, renowned male whore-bag, and reality TV star cartoonified a version himself on My Dad the Rockstar. He did this for the sake of children everywhere who wish their fathers were a lot cooler, and could buy them the world (and who wanted a chance to be famous for the sake of being famous). Dad’s Debut, a 6-episode DVD, follows the larger-than-life rock star extraordinaire, Rock Zilla, as he moves his family away from the cray-cray rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to the quiet, suburban town of (shhhhh!) Silent Springs. Willy’s new classmates out him as the son of a monster rocker; a trail of chaos, paparazzi, kiss-assery, and rockin’ adventures that make Rock Zilla the hero and admired figure of Silent Springs follows.

There are also additional features like a Gene Simmons music video, interview, and biography.

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