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My First D & D Dice

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Get ‘em started while they’re young! Generally bad advice when referring to smoking, alcohol, or any of the countless vices that humanity so enjoys, but the motivation to pass our love of nerdiness to our children is too tempting to resist. Gaming cannot wait for them to develop the coordination needed to shake, rattle, and roll the dice. Those evil trolls won’t stand idly by while your child develops the necessary mental capacity to calculate his or her chance to dodge an incoming attack.

So, you can invest in these lovely foam dice and let the Dungeons and Dragons indoctrination begin. 4, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided dice are included in the set (Seriously? They left out the 6 sided die? Guess it was too mundane for them). They’re made from a nice, squishy foam that will prevent any serious injuries to your youngling’s noggin should they decide to play a makeshift game of catch. Fortunately, they are also large enough so they won’t get lodged in their throats when they inevitably try to stick them in their gob.

As an added bonus, if you have difficulty keeping track of your own dice and you lose them (pretty sure everybody does), these will actually function in a pinch, and they’re just about impossible to misplace.

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