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My Little Geek

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If there were one product that exemplifies the spirit of being a nerdy parent, My Little Geek would be it. Written by Andrew and Sarah Spear, My Little Geek is the perfect first ABCs book for little ones who are likely to grow up even more tech-minded than we are.

It may seem like the same type of simple ABCs book that you’ve seen everywhere, but practically every single one of the letters in My Little Geek is likely to evoke some sort of emotion for you while you read these pages to your children. Take the letter C, for example. C is for Caffeine, which I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of ingesting on long nights with deadlines to make, bugs to fix, or LAN parties to not fall asleep at. M is for Mage, and it’s likely you’ve either imagined learning at Hogwarts, passed out while reading Lord of the Rings for the ninth time, or leveled one of them to 90. However, in the end, it’s all about teaching your children the alphabet, and there’s no shortage of interesting art to capture their attention while they learn in this book.

No matter what kind of geek you are (or hope your kids to be), you’ll find something that resonates with you in these pages. My Little Geek is a fantastic book written specifically for us with the purpose of teaching our kids the building blocks of language, and it would be difficult to do much better.

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