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My Little Unique-horns

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OMG, PUNK UNICORNS!. These are the most ridiculously cute little figurines ever. The name alone, My Little Unique-horns, is enough to make you cringe in delight. Unique-horns?? You can spend the first 20 minutes of play just giggling with your child about how awesome this pun is. Then you can play pun games for the rest of the day and revel in your ability to best your child, word-wise. Seriously, though… who wouldn’t love playing with a red-hot devil unicorn? Or a unicorn with a mohawk! Imagine the dialogue your child will create when playing with her Unique-horns. “Neigh, neigh! Let’s go tag some abandoned buildings!” “No… neigh, neigh! I wanted to go work in the community garden today!” Best of all, you don’t know which Unique-horn you’ll get until you open the box–it’s a surprise! There are 10 of these vinyl figures, from “Japanese-inspired” company Tokidoki (yeah, it’s actually the brainchild of an Italian artist, but apparently Japan trumps Italy in coolness factor right now–ask Gwen Stefani). You’ll definitely want all 10, so you can stage a proper Unique-horn party. Just make sure no one calls the cops–I hear they party hard!

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