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My Mom’s Tattoos Shirt

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The day before my twentieth birthday I accompanied some friends to a tattoo studio, thinking I would just sit around while they got inked. However, six hours later, I found myself with ink that took up a quarter of my back. Fast forward 12 years, and my daughter is pulling up the back of my shirt when we play horsey, patting at the tattoo and cooing.

Sometimes, at the playground, I see other moms with little butterflies and/or flowers tattooed on their wrists, small enough to be covered by a watch. One the one hand, I would like to introduce myself to these moms and arrange playdates for my kid, because that’s just what you do at the playground. (It’s like a not-sleazy club with coffee in to-go cups instead of cheap beer in plastic cups.) Sometimes I want to show off my body art to the other moms, but, seeing how it’s on my back, there is just no appropriate way to do that.

So how do I announce to others my love of tattoos, and my smug sense of superiority that the one I got on a whim on my last day of being a teenager is more badass than their three centimeter ladybugs? I have my child wear a shirt that shouts, in all caps, “My mom’s tattoos are better than yours!”

The shirt by Sourpuss Clothing is black with white lettering, and under the words are two crossed tattoo machines. It advertises that (1) the person under layers of sweaters and scarves is heavily decorated, and (2) their kid is proud of her for it.

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