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My Name is Simone Jean-Louis Shopping Bag

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Tweens don’t only want to be noticed, they want to be remembered. In this Facebook-Twitterverse, it takes a lot to be remembered. So load your kid’s vintage books and snacks into this Jean-Louis shopping bag and they’ll not only be remembered, but they’ll be envied for displaying chic nerdiness all around town.

Caroline Castagna-Suarez is behind the My Name is Simone brand, and in wanting to combat seriousness (who doesn’t?), she’s come up with a world of too-cute and quirky characters, all ready to brighten your kid’s day. This particular tote shows a graphic of Jean-Louis on the front, and he’s not just any regular character either. He’s a divorced public accountant with a wild pair of glasses and a moustache that could clearly win the World Beard & Moustache Championship.

The tote is crafted from 100% organic cotton (shout out to the greenies!), and roomy enough to fit everything from books to electronics (dimensions are 15.35” x 14.9”). If you’re a parent trying to get your own nerdy chic look, you might as well grab one for yourself, too. Just don’t embarrass your kid by using yours the same time they’re using theirs—don’t be that parent.

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