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My Neighbor Totoro 2-Disc Set

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Pop the popcorn, treat the kids to a soda (or an organic smoothie) and get ready to wander into Hayao Miyazaki’s imagination for over an hour.

One of the best Japanese manga artists (that’s out humble opinion), Hayao Miyazaki is probably best known lately for directing Spirited Away, Ponyo and every other recent award-winning anime, but back in 1988 he released an animated fantasy film we still can’t stop talking about: My Neighbor Totoro.

This film tells the tale of Satsuki and her four-year-old sister Mei, who move to a new home in the countryside. Discovering their new “neighbor” is a mysterious forest spirit (named Totoro), the girls are introduced to a world of wonder, with enchanting characters and a journey to match. You’ll meet a Catbus (a whimsical, multi-legged bus-shaped cat), magical creatures chibi and chu, as well as “soot sprites,” (tiny dust creatures) in this wacky but wonderful movie.

Originally in Japanese, this two-disc set features both the original soundtrack, as well as the new dubbed English soundtrack (with Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning playing the sisters). The DVDs also come with the original Japanese theatrical trailer, plus the storyboards set to the movie soundtrack.

If the kids love quirky and endearing movies, they’ll love this. If you’re a fan of quality manga and/or anime, you’ll love this. ‘Nuff said.

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