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Mythical Realms Chimera

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What do lions, goats and serpents have in common? They make up one of the most fearsome mythological creatures derived by man, the Chimera. This beast is straight from Homer’s IIiad and sports three heads; lion, goat and a serpent head as a tail. If that wasn’t enough, this monster is capable of spitting out a scorching hot stream of fire.

We were lucky enough to have Safari Limited mail us their re-imagining of the classic behemoth. We, not only instantly fell in love with it,  but we purchased a second one for the office. Their variation of the Chimera is close to the original, but a dragon’s head has been added to the mix. Oh, and let us not forget about the wings. Yup, this baby not only breathe fire, but it can fly as well.

This figure has some amazing detail, and in our humble opinion is one of Safari’s most nicely-designed toys. The Chimera is hand painted and comes from Safari’s Mythical Realm line, which consist of fantasy figures. The line has an amazing array of nicely sculpted toys that include other figures like the Pegasus and Mermaid. Unfortunately, very few companies produce Chimera action figures, so this led to our excitement when we found it at Toyfair.

Historical and mythical action figures are a wonderful ways to introduce your child to history and literature. Be sure to use this toy as a gateway to opening the fascinating world of classical Greek mythology to your children. Your kids will want to learn more as their imagination expands beyond just playtime.

Chimeras have popped up in several films. Here’s a quick look at the one from Wrath of the Titans.


  1. mushroid

    Meh, the one in Wrath of the Titans barely looks like a Chimera. The one from Dragon’s Dogma is a lot more accurate to the source material.

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