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N00b Creeper

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Ah, the worst insult that can ever be hurled against another player. Nothing cuts deeper or bruises the ego more severely than to be deemed by your gamer peers as the hopeless n00b who is bringing down the team. Other players can fire off abusive remarks about your mother without causing you to bat an eye, but if they accuse you of being a n00b, they open a tidal flood of rage.

Now, as for this particular bit of clothing, there are two ways to look at this baby creeper. Either your child is already working on developing their smack talking skills at a very young age, simultaneously creating an absurdist situation since clearly everyone is more experienced than they, or else the clothing is calling your own child a n00b. Which, to be fair, is probably an accurate appellation.

Regardless of how you want to interpret the message, the outfit is awesome on several levels. I particularly like how they used zeroes, rather than O’s, adding an increased level of nerdiness in the form of leet speak, an arcane alphabet known only to pro gamers. Well, not really, but it does make you seem all the more nerdy. The creeper comes in two colors (white or black) and is sized for 6, 12, or 18 month old babies.

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