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Nanda Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels

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Now this is interesting. Have your kids developed the same aversion to getting up and going to school (read: work) that most of us have? Is it difficult to get them to avoid hitting the snooze button in the morning? We all know how hard it can be sometimes, but we can’t have our kids missing out on their classes, so why not spice things up and make hitting that snooze button more of a challenge for them?

Clocky, the Alarm Clock on Wheels has one specific purpose, and it’s very good at it. Clocky runs away. That’s right, when it’s time for Clocky to sound the alarm, he’ll take off on his wheels, dashing off the nightstand or bedside, and heading straight for the ground. This means that obnoxious beeping sound will continue until your offspring get out of bed, chase him down, and shut him off. Clocky is durable and bouncy; he’s made to do his job well, so you know that your nerdlings will be getting out of bed just to shut him off. Clocky comes in a variety of different colors, and is backlit for night-time viewing. Don’t have him drop off more than about three feet, though, we don’t want Clocky biting the dust before he can accomplish his mission.

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