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NASA Astronaut Kids’ Helmet

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If your little explorer wants to visit space there are a few mini-sized things they’re going to need for the trip. They’ll need a ship and a crew if they even want to make it all the way out there, not to mention the fact that aliens are probably going to show up once they do. They’ll want to interact with the aliens, right? For that, they’ll need a suit to survive to cold emptiness of space, and what spacesuit is complete without an awesome astronaut helmet?

This helmet comes equipped with every tool your child needs to interact with real alien lifeforms, in their completely real and not-at-all-made-up spaceship (ahem, cardboard box). The helmet’s perfectly authentic breathing tube allows for an adequate, life-supporting oxygen supply, while the realistic helmet buttons create absolutely accurate space sounds. Okay, so it’s a bit of a stretch, but what kid doesn’t want to pretend that he or she is a real astronaut? This helmet does an excellent job of getting them most of the way there, their imagination will carry them the rest of the way.

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