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Nathan’s Knife Kit

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Not everything in the Tech category has to be about the latest electronic gadgets or apps (as you may have noticed). Sometimes a more practical approach is required, and Nathan’s Knife Kit is exactly that. Designed by a kid as both a woodworking project for children and an exercise in the safety and proper use of knives, Nathan’s Knife is the perfect kit for teaching your offspring about how to assemble and use a knife. While the use of sharp objects is often a difficult subject for children to tackle, Nathan’s Knife subverts this issue by having the knife be made completely out of wood. This allows for children to handle and learn how to use the knife, without having the dangers of accidentally injuring themselves in the process.

There are many reasons for teaching your child the practical uses of a knife. One of the primary reasons is its use in scout’s troops. Both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts organizations frequently practice outdoor tasks, and learn about outdoor safety. In many of those endeavors, the proper use of a knife is an instrumental skill to have, and can often be the linchpin of proper survival education. If you’re looking to encourage your child to learn the benefits of responsible knife use, Nathan’s Knife is the right tool for the job.

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