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Native Howard Shoe

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If you’re like us, you cringe at the thought of your wee one hitting the sidewalk in a pair of ratty sandals or sneakers. It totally spoils your kid’s look. Knowing you’re already a little paranoid about the other parents judging you (trust us, we’ve all sent our kids to school in their PJs by mistake), it would benefit you greatly if you just threw those old stinky shoes in the trash (or passed them along to the middle child), and picked up some fancy footwear–perhaps Native Shoes’ Howard “feet sweeteners.”

Unlike regular shoes (and the ones you probably grew up wearing), the Howard boat-style shoe is washable; you read correctly, this little gem wont soak up water like regular boat shoes do and stink to high heaven because it’s waterproof and guaranteed to be odor resistant. With its allover perforation detailing, little feet stay cool and can breathe (feets gotta breathe, yo), and because of their cushy construction, they’re also shock absorbent. Oh yeah, and no animals were harmed making them—they’re “beast free” say the makers.

The last reason why these should be on your gotta-get-‘em list is that Howards come in a huge variety of colors, from Popsicle Orange and Hollywood Pink, to Fizz Green and Jiffy Black. Fancy!

We know your kid’s gonna love these and we’re pretty sure their little friends are gonna have a major case of the shoe envies when these are thrown on in the morning for school—even with those PJs still on!

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