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NECA Iron Maiden Killers

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Every Metal wild-child step the f**k up, we’re about to ride the turbulent skies on a flight of seismic proportions, one that makes it way through the heavens and all the way down to the lowest depths of hell. Yes, come along and pack nothing but your ferocious taste for whammy bars and electric guitars, cause we’re hopin’ along with Eddie and the rest of the Maiden crew on Flight 666 and there ain’t no way we’re gonna stop for nothin.’ Well, maybe just for this song, but after that, nothing will slow us down!

Iron Maiden is epic to the world of heavy metal and was no doubt one of your favorite bands as a young, music-loving junkie; Eddie the Head was probably your mascot. As a symbol of one of the most influential bands from the handful of British heavy metal acts in the 70’s (that eventually led to sold-out stadiums around the world), Eddie has graced the cover of every full-length Maiden album and has appeared at pretty much every show. Though he stands pretty tall at most concerts, he’s just as cool as a 1” action figure. As a parent who loves metal, presenting little Eddie as a present for whenever will light up their day and make crazed and rowdy nights on the jumbo jet that much more exciting. Bang yer freakin’ heads!

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