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Negative Atom Onesie

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It’s a good thing that atoms can’t talk to each other. Imagine the sort of trouble we would be in if the molecules in our body, the ones responsible for keeping our bodies in its regular, normal state, started arguing about something. Positive atomic ions would start acting all high and mighty, touting their “glass is half full” outlook on everything, and forcing their opinions on anyone in the area, whether they wanted to hear it or not. Negative atomic ions would be acting pessimistic, bringing everyone else down, acting condescending, and probably sulking off in the corner when they didn’t have their way. In short, everything we take for granted about our bodies would be really messed up.

Fortunately for us, everything is in working order, but the two atoms on this shirt don’t seem to think so. This “Negative Atom” t-shirt features a classic scientific joke about atomic particles, while still maintaining its awesomeness as a comfy, practical addition to your kid’s nerd-based wardrobe. Suitable for wear even outside scientific circles, this 100% cotton tee comes in a multitude of colors, and in sizes for ages 2 to 12. It’s perfect for any kid who wants to show off a bit of their nerdy side.

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