2" Domo Qee Mystery Box Set

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Neon Domo Qee Mystery Box

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Kids love surprises. What makes a surprise even better is continuing the fun after the initial surprise is over. If mystery boxes are your little one’s idea of a good time, then the Neon Domo Qee is a winner!

There are 15 possible color combinations, but no way to tell which one you are going to get. Some are fairly common, others are rare, and there’s one that is a complete mystery. It is on the box as just a black silhouette with a question mark on it. It could be anything!

I just bought three of these. Eeeeee! So excited. Ok, I’m going to open the first one. I kind of hate to open it because then the suspense will be over. Will it be a rare one? Will it be the one I really want – the purple one with the red mouth? Here I go … lifting the top of the box, now. Wow, if you want to open this toy, then you have to mean it. Small hands may have a little trouble with this, so be prepared with some blunt scissors for your excited little one, or whip out your lightsaber and hack the top off.

I have to close my eyes; I want to know, but I don’t want to know. I’m lifting it out of the packaging … and … ooooooo! Neon pink, SWEET! Well, it wasn’t one of the rare ones, but this little Domo figure is pretty cool-looking and very well made. The figure is a sturdy 2 inches tall with a solid body; the arms are adjustable, and his little feet move slightly so your nerdling can pose him any way they want. They could probably have him hold a pencil, or a note for mom. There are no small parts, so Domo can be chewed on and nobody is going to get hurt. Well, except maybe Domo.


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