Nerds Book 1

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NERDS Book One By Michael Buckley

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Do your kids ever dream of having super powers? What about feeling self-conscious about their tooth adjustment hardware?

Jackson Jones started out as your typical football star. He had everything: dashing looks, popularity, and a bright, albeit normal future. Then he got braces with headgear. Ouch. His former status lost, Jackson is recruited to an underground team of fifth-graders who run a high-tech task force from within the walls of their elementary school. Together, these kids use science to great effect, transforming their normal qualities into amazing super-powers.

Jackson uses his braces the same way Green Lantern uses a Power Ring; he can use them to change into any mechanical object that he can dream up, as long as it stays firmly attached to his teeth. The adventures with his new team of classmates is fun, interestingly written, and entertaining. The N.E.R.D.S fight off all sorts of school-related bad guys, each of which have a penchant for James Bond-esque villainy, while also dealing with the pressures of everyday school life. Kind of like Spider-Man does, but with decidedly less wall-crawling and web-slinging.

NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society (Book One) by Michael Buckley lets kids indulge their superhero daydreams while reinforcing cool concepts like the value of science. With typical schoolwork involving reading things kids may not be as interested in, NERDS is the type of book you’ll want to consider in making sure they remember reading IS enjoyable as well.

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