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Nerdy Baby Flashcards

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Don’t mind the rather condescending product write-up at Amazon. These things are cool – and educational.

You want your kids to grow up with boundless curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, so ignore the haters who want to make fun of your aspirations. Their kids will have exciting careers flipping burgers, and active, engaged social lives consisting of loafing around on the couch until 3:00 in the afternoon watching Maury Povich.

Nope, don’t wanna be all learnin’ or nothin’:

Your kids are going to follow their dreams and learn about things – what things? Everything.

This is a collection of 26 4×6-inch flashcards, one for each letter of the alphabet, and include terms and concepts pulled from chemistry, biology, anatomy and more.

The art on the cards is well-done, and as has been pointed out in product reviews on Wired and PBS, they are just as suitable for framing as they are for learning and practice. Our take? Buy two, frame or hang one on the walls, flash the other ones.

These are meant to introduce your kid to many different concepts, so don’t expect some sort of magical mastery to be revealed on any one subject after playing with these flash cards, but hopefully a little time, attention and interest will help get everyone excited about science!

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