Nerdy With Children Apparel is Here!

A lot has happened since Nerdy with Children started covering the online baby corner of the nerdverse. The biggest of all, however, is that we had some babies. Nick Veneris, co-founder of our site, welcomed his little guy Thaddeus in March. Jess Trebing, frequent contributer to NWC, followed a few months later with her daughter Jaina.

The second biggest thing that happened around here is that we shifted NWC’s direction from covering products to making them. The logic behind diving into such a venture while juggling newborns was simple: “we just made some people. How hard could it be to make clothes for them?”

thaddeus chem

Turns out it was harder than we thought. There were challenges we didn’t expect and deadlines that were way off. We learned a bunch and we keep learning more each day. But that’s business and that’s life, and we’re loving every minute.


We’re thrilled to have made it to the point where we finally have our awesome products to put on our kids, and even more thrilled to share them with you. Our first line of designs is all about adorable baby cosplay and parental nostalgia, but we have many more designs planned for the months ahead, so keep an eye out.


What do you think we should make next? We’re taking design ideas and suggestions, so drop us a line.

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Thanks for the support. We love Nerdy with Children and wouldn’t be able to keep it going if it weren’t for you.

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